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Photocopier Rentals

When renting a photocopier, we provide our clients with two options.

Many companies look to sign a lease agreement as they can save money by making a three/five year commitment, while ensuring that their equipment is never out-of-date, as they upgrade it to a later model on completion of each lease term.

We do not include maintenance on our lease agreements as we like to ensure that you are not paying for your pages upfront and the quoted cost per page remains true and is not subject to the lease company’s interest rate, this way there are no hidden fees.

If you wish to add a maintenance agreement, this can be run alongside the lease agreement and is invoiced monthly in arrears.  Maintenance agreements ensure priority call-out and provide comprehensive cover for all toners, call-outs and parts in the event of mechanical breakdown.

However, many start-up companies have not yet built a credit score to pass the credit checks of a lease company.

That’s where we come in, offering clients to option to rent a machine directly from ourselves, without a long term contract.

Our in-house rental is a 90-day rolling contract which provides the ‘all-inclusive’ service.  Available from £35.00 per month, we simply invoice rental of the machine upfront each month, with maintenance charged at a cost per page invoiced monthly in arrears.

As with the maintenance contract, this provides comprehensive cover for all toners,  call-outs and parts in the event of mechanical breakdown.

At Simba Office Services we are fastly becoming number one across London and Essex for photocopier rental and photocopier leasing.  Why not give a member of our team a call today for a free no-obligation quotation.

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